Fluoride Treatment

If you are already a patient here at Ever Care Dental, you know the emphasis we place on prevention in order to help our patients enjoy optimum oral health. By focusing on prevention, we can often prevent many dental conditions such as decay, infection, and periodontal disease before they cause serious damage.

What Is Fluoride? 

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is known for reducing instances of decay by re-mineralizing and strengthening enamel, the protective covering on your teeth. Many water municipalities include fluoride in the drinking water, but it is sometimes insufficient for decay prevention. This is especially true for people who consume sugars or acidic drinks such as soda, coffee, or juice.

Fluoride as a Preventative Dental Treatment

Bacteria that collect in hard to reach places such as the deep grooves of your molars are the culprits that cause decay by softening enamel with their acidic byproduct. This is when directly applying fluoride to those areas becomes a useful part of your preventive dental routine.

We use highly effective fluoride varnish in areas where it can provide the greatest protection. Fluoride varnish stays on your teeth longer than the old tray fluoride treatments of the past. Our hygienist will dry the necessary areas of your teeth and then paint it on. You should leave it on for four or more hours and avoid crunchy foods during that time. You can still drink water and consume softer foods.

Who Benefits from Fluoride Treatments?

When thinking of fluoride treatments, many people assume it is just for kids. While children can benefit from fluoride treatments, our adult patients can benefit too. It all depends on the individual patient and their needs. We provide highly customized dentistry and will recommend appropriate treatment based on your oral health.

If you are particularly prone to decay or have teeth with deep grooves, you might consider adding fluoride treatments to your preventative dental routine. 

Fluoride to Calm Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are quite common and can develop due to chronic teeth grinding habit, called bruxism, or when patients suffer from gum recession. Exposed dentin is more porous than enamel and can react painfully when exposed to pressure, temperature changes, or even strong flavors, such as mint. 

Using fluoride reduces sensitivity and allows patients to eat yummy foods like ice cream and cold fruit that they may not be able to tolerate previously.

Fluoride treatments in areas of recession can also make it possible for patients with sensitive teeth to use professional teeth whitening products without pain.

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