Itero Technology for a Healthy Smile in a Healthy Body

At Ever Care Dental, we use the latest dental technology to give you a healthy smile in a healthy body.  Our Flatiron District dental office uses radiation-free Itero scanners so that you can see your teeth as they are now and envision a healthier you.

What is Itero scanning technology?

Itero scanning is an alternative to traditional molds and x-rays.   A 3D scanner maps your teeth, tongue, palate, and gums using lasers and LED lights.  The data is processed by a computer to produce a completely accurate 3D model of your teeth. Once you can clearly see what your teeth are like now, you can work with Dr. Elaine Gonzales and Dr. Kristen Lee to plan a new, healthier smile.

What can an Itero scan do?

Itero scans give us a lot of information about your teeth and gums.  They’re important because they can:

  • Be used to plan Invisalign treatment so that you can have a better tooth function and a more beautiful smile
  • Spot fillings that may need to be replaced, or give us the information we need to replace metallic fillings with tooth-colored resin fillings.
  • Let us see clearly which teeth are cracked or chipped. This, in turn, can help us find the root causes of tooth sensitivity while we also repair your smile.
  • Help us plan procedures like crowns, bridges, and implant restorations.  By restoring your smile to health, we make it easier for you to eat a healthy diet, live a pain-free life, and smile.
  • Give us detailed information so that we can spot signs of tooth grinding, which can be a symptom of TMJ or Sleep Apnea.

How does an Itero scan benefit patients?

Itero scans have big benefits for our patients, including:

  • Itero is comfortable and clean. No messy molds, no having to hold still for a very long time.
  • Itero is fast. Scans take less than 10 minutes, so they can fit into your busy life.
  • Itero is radiation-free. There are no harmful x-rays, you don’t need a lead apron for a scan.
  • Itero gives you a 3D image that you can turn and move on the screen so that you can understand your teeth and your needs.

Why should I choose Ever Care Dental for my Itero scan?

Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Lee understand that your smile is an important part of your mental and physical wellbeing.  Teeth are integral to your whole-body health.  When you have a beautiful, functional smile, you feel happier. You can eat healthier. You can speak more clearly.  You have less inflammation and you sleep better.

Itero technology helps us give you the smile that will best support your health and wellness goals.  Are you concerned about damaged teeth or restorations, missing teeth, or crooked teeth with crowding and gaps?   Call our Flatiron District dental office today for your consultation.  With Itero, we can show you how to reach your smile goals.