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Make 2022 Great with a Smile Makeover

January 11, 2022
Posted By: Ever Care Dental

People focus their New Year's makeovers on their weight, their wardrobes, their hair, and their makeup.  Have you ever given any thought to giving your smile a makeover?

A healthy, beautiful smile opens doors.  It makes it easier to get hired or promoted, to land a hot date, or just to get out and be social.  Best of all, smile makeovers don’t have to take a lot of time. With modern dental technology, you can get a new smile in as little as a few days.

Your smile needs work. Can Ever Care help?

Ever Care dental offers a range of treatments designed to quickly restore and rejuvenate your smile.

  • Are your teeth badly stained?
  • Do you have cracks and chips?
  • Are your crowns or implants damaged?
  • Do you have weird gaps in your smile?
  • Are your teeth crooked or broken?
  • Are you missing teeth?

Whether you have one of these problems or all of them, we can design a smile for you that matches your needs and your life goals.  No smile problem is insurmountable. You always have smile restoration options.  Come and see us, and learn how you can get your smile back.

Why is Ever Care the best practice for your needs?

At Ever Care, our dentists and office team are focused on what's best for you.  We want to give you top-notch care that also fits into your busy schedule, right here in the heart of the Flatiron district.  If you have an interview, wedding, or another major life event soon, we can fit the design into your timeline.

For an event less than a month away, try:

  • Professional Whitening
  • Crown or implant restoration
  • Veneers
  • A bridge

If you have more time before your event, and you need smile straightening, Invisalign clear aligners will help you see results quickly while protecting your dental health for years to come.

2022 has the potential to be a great year if you reach out and grab the opportunities that life hands you.  Call today, and give yourself a smile that opens doors!

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