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Show Your Smile Some Love this Month with these 5 Great Treatments

February 10, 2022
Posted By: Ever Care Dental

Flowers, chocolate, champagne, and a diamond ring.  Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and there’s nothing more romantic than a lovely smile.   Whether you’re happily coupled, looking for love, or a satisfied single, this February is a great time to show your smile some love.

Here at Ever Care dental, we use proven dental technologies and innovative approaches to give you a smile you’ll love. Here are five of our favorite ways to give you a great smile.

#1 Invisalign Tooth-straightening

Did you need braces as a child, but the money wasn’t there? Have your teeth begun to shift with middle age? Do you feel like your crooked smile is holding you back in love and career?  Invisalign can help.  Invisalign uses removeable, clear aligners to straighten your teeth.  You can eat what you want, pop them out for selfies, and straighten your teeth without looking like an awkward teen.

#2 Veneers for a quick, long-lasting fix

If your teeth are chipped, crooked, or just ugly, a veneer can take you from snaggly to stellar quickly.  A veneer attached to your teeth to give you a perfect smile. Modern veneers are made from tooth-like materials that look great, stand up to normal life, and resist stain.  Do you have a big day coming up that needs a big smile?  Veneers have got you, and your teeth, covered.

#3 Mouthguards for Tooth Grinding and Sports

Over time, tooth grinding can permanently damage your teeth.  Contact sports can result in major, life-altering injuries to your teeth and gums.  Modern custom mouth guards are designed specifically for your mouth and teeth. They give maximum protection so that you can have a healthy smile your whole life.

#4 Implant Restoration

Dental implant and crown technology is getting better all the time. Today’s materials look, function and feel just like natural teeth.  If your older implants are beginning to fail or just don’t have the look you want, we can restore them so that your smile stays perfect.

#5 Tooth Whitening

Has that Caffeine habit wrecked your smile? There’s a happy medium between white teeth and spaced out brain, and being wide awake with stained teeth.  Our tooth-whitening services will help you get a great smile without having to give up that morning latte.

Your smile does so much for everyone in your life.  This year, show it some love.  Call today to reserve your appointment.

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